Isha Malviya Biography: All You Need To Know About The Rising Indian Actress

Isha Malviya Biography: All You Need To Know About The Rising Indian Actress. Isha Malviya is a young and talented Indian actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She made her acting debut in the TV series “Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki” and has since gone on to work on various projects. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Isha Malviya’s biography, including her early life, career, and achievements.

Early Life

Isha Malviya was born on 2nd September 2003 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. She was interested in acting from a very young age and used to participate in various school plays and dramas. However, her parents were initially hesitant to let her pursue acting as a career. It was only after she won a local beauty pageant that her parents started to support her dreams.


Isha Malviya made her acting debut in the TV series “Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki” in 2018. She played the role of Heer’s younger sister and received critical acclaim for her performance. She later went on to work in the TV series “Laal Ishq” and the web series “Kashmakash”.

In 2021, Isha Malviya made her film debut with the Hindi film “Kaithi” alongside actors such as Ajay Devgn and Vidyut Jammwal. The film was a remake of a Tamil film of the same name and was well-received by audiences and critics alike.


Despite being a relatively new face in the Indian entertainment industry, Isha Malviya has already made significant achievements. She has won several awards, including the “Rising Star of the Year” award at the Indian Television Academy Awards in 2019.

In addition, she has a massive following on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she regularly posts updates about her life and work. Her fans admire her for her talent, dedication, and down-to-earth personality.

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Is Isha Malviya Leaving Udaariyaan?

And while Isha has played a key role in the show, it is reported that she will be quitting the show during the leap. Recently, Rohit Purohit, who played the role of Advait Kapoor, also announced his exit from Udaariyaan. Sharing a post on social media, he wrote, “UDAARIYAAN”… !

Why Did Abhishek Leave Udaariyaan?

We had exclusively updated about Amrik’s death in the show and now, in an exclusive conversation with us, Abhishek revealed: “Yes, you heard it right, I quit the show and the reason is simple: I am keen on looking out for new opportunities. Udaariyaan will always stay close to my heart being my debut show.

What Happened Between Ankit And Priyanka?

Earlier also in an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Ankit maintained that they are just friends and claimed that even the makers of Bigg Boss 16 wanted him and Priyanka to play as a couple. “They wanted us to play together, as a couple but it was not possible either for me or for Priyanka. We are good friends.

Who Is The Lead Couple Of Udaariyaan?

The show is produced by Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta, and features Twinkle Arora and Hitesh Bharadwaj as the lead couple.


Isha Malviya is a rising star in the Indian entertainment industry, and her talent and dedication have already earned her significant achievements. With her impressive acting skills and charming personality, she has won the hearts of fans all over the world. As she continues to work on various projects, we can expect to see more of her in the coming years.


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